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3D Models and Castings specialize in 3-dimensional models brought to life on a four headed 3D printer. These models can be utilized to visualize the various phases of the creative process.

Conceptual models are an essential visual tool that aids our customers and their clients in the design and function for pre-production planning. The highly detailed, colored and accurate models can be used by architects, decorators, developers, artists and industrial designers to bring their CAD files to a high definition scaled “master.”

Our 3D architectural models have been used to give a better perspective between the relationships of a structure to the surrounding terrain. Completed high-definition models have been taken before planning commissions and homeowner associations for pre-construction approval. Should design changes be needed, we can quickly change 3D files and produce the corrected model with positive results.

3D Models and Castings is able to develop topographical models with GIS files. These models give a colorful, 3-dimensional overview of a large area showing grading, plot plans, landscaping, parks and trails.

Our castings are made with high quality resins to meet your specifications and can be color tinted or painted. We are able to offer every process from lost wax to RTV and epoxy molds.

Vacuum or thermoforming is a cost effective process matching the quality of products to those manufactured through injection molding. The foundation of our vacuum forming process is based on the Bel-O-Vac Class C thermoforming machine custom made for us. With the huge build-bed of our machine, we can produce parts up to 5 feet by 3 feet with a draw of nearly 18 inches. Because of the manufacturing options we offer, our customers are competitive with off-shore manufacturing of small to intermediate size production runs.

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