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About Us

3D Models and Castings was established in 2005. Our purpose is to give options to the prototyping and limited production-run customers. Working individually with each customer, our team can take an idea from design to reality. Whether it be master model-making, short run production, or metal castings; 3D Models and Castings produce high quality, cost effective products.

The core of our design process is anchored by a new Z Corp 510 Cx Color Printer. CAD files can quickly be turned into master models to support fit, form and function evaluations at a substantial time and cost savings to the customer.

We are pleased to announce that 3D Models and Castings can now offer our customers vacuum/thermo-forming capabilities. We have added a state of-the-art Bell-O-Vac Class C Vacuum/Thermal forming machine into our production process.
With the huge build-bed of this machine, production costs can be lowered compared to injection molding.

With over 30 years of manufacturing and production experience, we at 3D Models and Castings can offer you, the customer, different solutions to your creative ideas.